We need volunteers! Please join a team or two & reach out to the team lead.

    You can volunteer & sign up by going here: http://bit.ly/nglb2017

    Remember this is a co-created event. We can’t do it without you!


    If you have general questions, reach out to Jani Moon (info@janimoon.com).


    Welcome  Committee Lead- Nelli Gluzman (nellig@gmail.com) & Susan Slocum (ubeable@gmail.com) & Marina Bank (soundchickbk@gmail.com)

    Ceremony Committee Lead – Venus Paloma, Volga Bo, Maryn and Jani Moon (Vegansweets@yahoo.com, vvolga@gmail.com, mazoff21@gmail.com, and moonskylar@gmail.com)

    Clean-up Committee Lead – Erika Cartagena (emc027@gmail.com)

    Entertainment Committee Lead – Jani Moon (info@janimoon.com), Camilla Celin (camilacelin1@gmail.com) and Heather Fisch (hdfisch@gmail.com )

    DJ Team Lead – Erika Mysti  (erikamysti@gmail.com)

    Food Prep Committee Lead – Jessica Sowards (jessica@thepeoplespractice.com)

    Sleeping Committee Lead – Meagen Farrell (meaganleefarrell@gmail.com)

    Transportation Committee Lead –Venus Paloma (Vegansweets@yahoo.com) and Maryn (mazoff21@gmail.com)

    Healing Service Tent Committee Lead – Rachel Wood (rachelbaila77@gmail.com), Saadia Shaza (imsaadia@gmail.com) and Heather Tru (vivace147@gmail.com)

    Goddess Beauty Lead – Heather Mckenny (hmckenny@gmail.com)

    Fire Dancing Committee Lead – Jill Maglio (jill@holisticcircustherapy.com) and Amy Dawn (amy@verebay.com)

    Live Music Team Lead – Camilla Celin (camilacelin1@gmail.com) and Heather Fisch (hdfisch@gmail.com )

    Goddess Marketplace Team Lead – Beth Weinstein (beth.w.nyc@gmail.com)

    Drum Circle Lead – Bobbie Flowers (bobbie.flowers@gmail.com) and Dio Hatz (denisehatzis@gmail.com)

    Set up & Break Down Team Lead – Jaime Macrina (jaimemacrina@gmail.com)

    Altar Lead – Mia (drumdoula@gmail.com) and  Izaskun Zabala (izasnyc@gmail.com)

    Ariel Performance Lead – Rachel Harvest (harvestrachel@gmail.com)

    Time Keeper – Heather Fisch (hdfisch@gmail.com )

    Photographers  & Videographers – Maria Samoilescu (maria.samoilescu@gmail.com) and Mariko (marikoshiraishi04@gmail.com)

    Social Impact Lead – Ashley Bruni (ashleybrunett@gmail.com) and Felise (felise@gmail.com)

    System Admin. Lead- Mei-yann (meiyann@gmail.com)

    “I’ve never experienced a weekend with all women before – it recharged my soul and rejuvenated my heart. When feminine forces join together with intentions of lifting and celebrating each other – the results are magical.” -Kimi